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The Rise of Phone Answering Services for Dental Practices

Trend of Phone Answering Services in Dental Practices

For small dental practices, managing incoming patient calls can be a major challenge. With only a few staff members handling reception duties, it’s easy to miss calls, especially during busy times of the day. Patients who can’t get through on the phone may decide to book with another dentist instead. This results in lost opportunities for the practice.

Fortunately, there is a solution that more and more small dental practices are adopting: phone answering services. These services allow dental offices to hand off call coverage tasks to a dedicated team of professionals. The benefits for dental practices are numerous. Read on to learn more about how phone answering services are transforming small dental businesses.

Improved Patient Service

One of the biggest perks of using a phone answering service is being able to provide patients with reliable, professional support at all times. Calls will be answered promptly instead of going to voicemail. The call agents have specialized training to handle dental industry calls with empathy and skill.

With a team dedicated fully to fielding calls, patients will have a consistent, high-quality experience. This strengthens the practice’s brand and reputation. Even when the office is closed or staff are busy with patients, callers reach a live person who can address their needs. The result is better service and higher patient satisfaction.

Increased Appointments

With improved call coverage, dental practices see an increase in new appointments scheduled. Call agents can field inquiries about the practice, explain procedures, confirm insurance coverage, and schedule new patient visits.

Because they focus solely on call handling, agents are exceptionally good at booking appointments. If the dental office is fully booked, the agent can place the caller on a waitlist or suggest nearby partner dentists. This fills the schedule and retains patients.

More accurate call stats are another advantage. Call answering services provide detailed reporting on metrics like call volume, wait times, and types of inquiries. This helps dental practices identify peak calling times so they can better staff for increased phone traffic. It also shows how many calls convert to booked appointments.

Reduced Missed Calls

There’s nothing more frustrating for patients than calling a dental office repeatedly and never getting an answer. Unanswered calls lead to dissatisfaction and often, patients seeking care elsewhere. With an answering service, calls are never missed. If staff are busy or away from the desk, the call rolls seamlessly to the call center.

Agents answer every call within 3 rings or less. Hold times are minimized through advanced call routing technology. Exceptional service transforms the patient experience and keeps your practice top of mind. Patients are less likely to call around shopping for other dentists when their calls are handled so efficiently.

Frees Up Staff Resources

Handling reception duties takes up a major chunk of time for dental office staff. From answering phones to booking appointments, juggling these tasks leads to stress and distraction from clinical work. It also limits productivity.

With an answering service taking over phone duties, staff are freed up to focus on revenue-generating tasks. Front desk staff can devote their full attention to checking in patients, updating records, collecting payments, and other duties that enhance the operation. Clinical team members can provide complete attention to treating patients without constant interruption from calls.

The burden is removed from staff plates, leading to less burnout and frustration. Removing the constant call volume creates a more relaxed office environment. With staff able to focus fully on delivering excellent chairside care, patient satisfaction also increases.

24/7 Support Options

Today’s patients expect to be able to reach their dentist outside of regular business hours. Whether calling after hours with a dental emergency or on a weekend to book an appointment, they want access.

Answering services allow dental offices to provide seamless 24/7 coverage. Agents answer calls any time of day or night. Callers get their needs addressed promptly no matter when they call.

For after hours dental emergencies, an agent can gather details from the patient, access the on-call dentist, and get the patient into the emergency appointment. The constant availability builds patient loyalty while also increasing new appointments.

Affordable Cost

One of the biggest benefits answering services offer to small dental practices is affordable pricing. Because they operate on an economy of scale with multiple clients, rates are very reasonable. Plans often cost less than hiring a full-time staff member.

There are no major equipment costs or overhead for dental offices. The answering service handles all hardware, software, training and staffing. Month-to-month contracts are common so there’s no long-term commitment. It’s a variable expense that adapts as call volume fluctuates.

Specialized Dental Support

Answering services designed specifically for dental practices offer unique advantages. Specialized dental answering services only recruit call agents with dental industry experience. Many agents have worked in dentistry themselves.

This expertise allows them to seamlessly handle patient calls as an extension of the dental practice. Agents are trained on dental terminology, insurance details, procedures, patient communication best practices, and office workflows.

Specialized dental answering services also equip agents with custom scripts tailored to each office. This ensures callers have a consistent experience. Customized online dashboards make it easy for dental offices to monitor calls, update scripts, share patient info, and communicate with agents.

The dental expertise brings immense value for improving patient service, increasing new appointments, and showcasing the practice as patient-centric.

Transform Your Practice

Adopting a phone answering service delivers measurable benefits for small dental practices. With skilled agents handling all call coverage, dental offices can reduce missed calls, book more appointments, improve patient service, extend availability after hours, free up staff resources, and reinforce their brand. And they can do it all at an affordable price point.

To learn more about leveraging phone answering services for your dental practice, contact Roboreception AI Answering Service for Dentists today. Our dental call center expertise will transform your practice for the better.